Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Year of the Bag

Perhaps its the 60+ years of school?
Perhaps it is that inevitable change in weather that always occurs at the end of August (to return to hot and humid after school starts)?
Perhaps it is the sweaters piled high is stores?
Perhaps it is just the way it is!

September, Labor Day heralds the start of school.
In these parts, and for me, at least, it's the start of a New Year.

While I typically skip resolutions in January in favor or a OLW (one little word) for the year, I usually DO set goals that certainly resemble resolutions at this time of year.
Usually, they focused on getting organized. keeping organized, keeping better records or something along those lines.
Usually, my house is at its best this time of year.\
Usually, I have lots of prepared produce in my freezer.
Usually, my closets are cleaned and my bills/paperwork organized.
Usually, I'm more excited than scared!
Usually, I know life is about to get crazy!

This year is a little different, except my life is about to get really crazy!
My belongings are shoved into closets where they will sit for about 6 weeks.
My essential clothes, workout gear, make-up, pills, and my few "valuables" are stuffed into bags.
I have bags for each course and bags for resource books
I have bags for technology and bags for power cords and chargers.
I have bags for swimming gear and bags for workout gear.
I have bags for shorts and bags with sweatshirts and another bag for presentation wear!

I've lived through home renovation several times!
I know it will get better.
I know it will be worth it and the new tub will drain in less than 2 days.
I know the new stove will stay shut.

I've done this before.
I know there will be unforeseen problems.
I know there will be decisions to make on the spot.
I know life on the run will be challenging.
I've never felt less organized in my life and yet,
Perhaps I am ready for this new year! 
I'm calling it the Year of the Bag.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

#sol19 Birthdays

Being a young thing and thinking your special day would never get here? 
Wanting a special cake, a new toy, an outrageously expensive outfit?
Being asked what you wanted for your birthday and not knowing what to want?
Being on the edge of that driver's permit and waiting not so patiently to go to the DMV?
Waiting not so patiently for the day when you could legally consume an adult beverage?
Thinking "that" birthday meant you were getting old?
Gratitude for a birthday shared with friends and loved ones?

I remember
There was a time when there were birthdays almost every day in August (for my family)! 
Celebrations in kitchens, on campgrounds, at the ocean, with cousins, at the ocean.
Discount cards for Michael's, Joanne's, Talbots .......
Happy ones and not so happy ones. \Busy ones and quiet ones.

It is one of my cousin's special days.
I wish her a happy day and the start of a good year;
I want to remember that every day,
Not just a birthday,
Is a special day.