Thursday, August 13, 2020

#sol20 August 2020 Anxiety

I watch them walk past 3-4 times each morning
In a steady stride and often wave a greeting from afar,
One day I was close enough to acknowledge
Their serious, regular workout routine,
"It sure helps the anxiety if we walk 5 miles."

I talked to a friend who is listening to books on tape,
All kinds of book about ancient civilizations,
Modern science, social problems.
I admired her dedicated reading routine
"It alleviates anxiety."

I watched a jogger move through the summer downpour
That followed weeks of relentless heat
Almost unfazed by the weather
In an often stressful-pandemic-summer.
I wondered what stressors would have contributed to 
" I needed to run in spite of the weather."

I hear the anxiety of parents
It's time to decide even as colleges shutter
Districts delay, backpacks sit waiting,
Good reports from small, specialized schools vs.
Scary scenes and numbers from mega-schools,
Leading to resounding
"I really don't know what to do."

I read the social media posts from teachers
Heading back to school in spite of challenges,
Wondering how institutions that cannot provide tissues,
Wondering if cleaning procedures will really happen,
Wondering how to teach without papers, small groups,
"Writing to share my stressors," perhaps.

I read the posts from teachers
Trying to become masters of virtual classrooms
Wondering if they can make lessons come alive
Engage reluctant learners, provide forums that encourage learning,
I'm one of them,
"Taking long walks, writing this blog,
Hoping to become a Zoom Master,
Hoping we can all be patient and persistent
In an August of no right or wrong answers."