Tuesday, February 23, 2021

#sol21 February 23 Stagnant With Potential

Last year, I was learning alongside my students,
Seeking for the best afternoon latte,
Planning stops and sights on an epic trip,
Stopping and shopping when the mood hit,
Hugging friends and grandchildren without fear, 
Grateful for a life full of potential.

Today, I'm still learning with Zoom,
Reheating coffee to keep up my energy,
Planning a vaccination, where ever it may be,
Stopping to shop with Incart when a shopper is free,
In need of friends, children, grandchildren and hugs ,
News of milestone losses weighs heavy on my heart,
Yet, I'm grateful that my life is stagnant
Yet like this old oak, 
Full of potential.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

#sol21 February 8 Beautiful But Burdensome

It started with a vengeance, 
This latest snowy squall.
Blanketing everything in its path
Bringing traffic to a crawl
Causing snow blowers to emerge
The swirling flakes, absolutely beautiful,
The mountains of snow, absolutely burdensome. 


Monday, February 1, 2021

#sol21 February 1: Frosty, Short and Squat


Last week, barely 2 inches of 2021 snow fell softly in our area, but it was beautiful packing snow that a five year old could roll into balls even if they were filled with loose grass and lingering leaves. We named him  Frosty and he happily graced my front yard.  He proudly wore the scarf I knitted more than a decade ago and my new hat!  To be honest, he was short and squat; yet, we wrote about him, visited him, and talked about him.

As the storm swarmed outside, I realized poor Frosty was to his neck in fluffy snow and would soon be buried in the anticipated 2 feet of snow! I had a sidewalk and a driveway to shovel.  I had a car to dig out of a snowbank.  I had to remove the drift at the back door.  It was snowing hard and blowing even harder; however, I did shovel out Frosty because, well just because the two feet of new snow was light and fluffy and would not yield a new Frosty if it was even possible to replace our Frosty.

I'm pretty sure my neighbors were a bit concerned about me., but I was smiling as the lyrics danced in my head.