Tuesday, February 18, 2014

#sol2014 Could we just call them "creations"?

Many have "vacated,"
Left the bitter cold and snowy piles behind,
Overcame cancelled flights,
Endured sleepless nights,
For the Grand Canyon, Mexico, Florida,
"Creating" memories during "winter vacation." 
While I did not "leave,"
I've stepped over laundry,
Looked beyond dust bunnies,
Focused on piecing a quilt,
Nursed my endless winter cold,
Experimented with technology,
Enjoyed long nights with multiple books,
Watched Olympic skiers and skaters, 
"Creating" memories during "winter vacation." 
Perhaps these school breaks
Should be known for what they really are,
Creations: times to "create" - sunny and snowy- memories. 


Bernadette said...

What a positive outlook. Thanks for sharing it this morning.

Julieanne said...

Sometimes staying at home is the best thing for your soul. Sounds like you made a wonderful choice. Hope your cold is better!

Melanie Meehan said...

Love the idea of changing the name to a "Creation"! However, your final picture is exactly what it looks like outside my bedroom window, and I'd be pretty happy with the view from the first picture right about now! We do get a lot done, staying home, though. Thanks for the positive reminder.

Jennifer said...

I love this!I, too, am creating memories at home. Have a great week!

Tara said...

I like your way of viewing vacation, Anita. It's exactly like the one I had - but with a much more positive perspective! I need some warmth and sunshine sometime soon, though!

elsie said...

It's always good to step out of routine, even if you haven't vacated your space. I hope you get some sunny days soon. I think my body runs on solar power.

Linda B said...

I love your little 'snowy' picture, Anita, & the idea of 'creating' my own memories. Actually I'm on vacation now, & will be doing some of those things you mentioned, including compiling tax info-oh boy! Best wishes to get rid of that pesky cold!

Nanc said...

I love that you a piecing a quilt and getting cozy the joy of snow. It actually was beautiful yesterday. However, it makes me crazy when we have to make up the days when the kiddos just want out! xo

Jaana said...

Creating memories! What a wonderful way to be and stay positive when you can't change the weather anyway! Any more pictures of your creations?