Saturday, February 22, 2014

#celebratelu 2014 The brave ice warrior

Discover. Play. Build.
Thanks to Ruth for encouraging us to "celebrate" each week.

This week, 
When cold and ice ruled our land,
When we shoveled more than once, 
I have much to celebrate,
Including this, small moment.
On the warmest of days in months,
Long after I would have normally left the house,
As the temps soared to an unfathomable 40,
As the sun shone bright in the sky,
As I slid into an icy bank,
After I called for help,
After he questioned the veracity of my claim,
After he too slid down the icy drive,
After he found his dad's old ice scraper,
.While I watched him gingerly navigate the icy slope,
While he played hockey with the ice chips,
While I sat safely in my car, waiting,
I celebrated,
The skills learned in backyard Boccie and Jarts,
The moves mastered long ago on hopscotch and shuffleboard courts,
The power of sodium chloride,
A brave ice-warrior,
Who faced the icy river,
Over slick-as-can-be ice. 


Linda B said...

Anita, this doesn't sound like fun for your 'ice warrior', but I loved the undercurrent of glee that you're sharing, that 'playing hockey with the ice chips'! Thanks for the sharing of your "one small, but shining, moment"!

Deb Day said...

I just love the way you wrote this. Such a story!

Julieanne said...

You made this not so easy moment fun and rather heroic. Love the song and he picture.

Jaana said...

Everyone who survived this week's ice is an ice warrior! You just celebrated it much better than many of us could have!

Tara said...

Here's to your ice warrior - may he be rewarded with an early Spring. Loved he structure of this celebration, Anita!

Leigh Anne Eck said...

Lucky for us, we didn't have much ice. Ice is so scary. So glad you had your ice warrior to "show you what love is!" I love how you linked it to the Foreigner song - love that song.

Carol said...

So glad you had someone around who could help on this very icy day!

Ramona said...

You were so luck to have this ice-warrior come to your rescue. I love the way your shared this slice.

Loralee said...

Love the way you wrote it!