Monday, January 28, 2019

#sol19 6:30

At 6:30,
The sun has not yet risen,
The day is still waiting,
Full of potential.

Last year, I was already on the road
Listening to traffic reports
Longing for a snow delay
Learning to be readers on the agenda
Smiling at how lucky I was.

Some days, now, I've walked a mile,
Scored a NJT senior discount ticket
Settled into a seat on the train,
With those from 25-75
Scanned model lessons, notes,
Smiled at how lucky I am.

Some days, now, I'm in the pool,
Swimming in my designated lane,
Satisfying the exercise requirement
Stimulating my muscles and my mind,
With those from 55-95
Smiling at how lucky I am.

Some days, now, I'm nestled under the covers,
Savoring the NY Times,
Speculating the state of the world,
Sneaking extra minutes on the pillow,
Smiling at how lucky I am.

At 6:30,
I'm heading, again,
Towards a new day. 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Cast Iron Pans and Pipes

I have a small cast iron pan that has become the perfect way to scramble two eggs or saute a couple of shrimp.It only about 5 years old and I suspect it will outlive me. I carefully maintain the surface and season it regularly thinking of my mom, who would not bequeath me one of her own aged (50 years old) pans as she feared I would not have the patience to maintain it!

I was thinking of my mom's treasured pans yesterday as a crew replaced some old cast iron heating pipes from my basement in a day long marathon. '"You know," the foreman said to me mid-job, "these pipes often last forever unless people try to get all fancy and wrap them up! I think that is where the rust came from that softened that pipe!"

I wanted to scream, "Don't blame me! I didn't build the now broken open box nor did I wrap the pipes.  I inherited this mess!" But, of course I just nodded, smiling as I listened to his wisdom. I could imagine my mom was smiling as I assured him I would care for the pipes properly - out in the open - during my tenure in this old house!

Cast iron (grey cast iron) is a historical type of pipe manufactured in the 19th and 20th centuries that is used as pressure pipe for transmission of water and sewage. ... Most grey cast iron pipes that are in service were manufactured by either pitcasting or spin casting.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

#SOL 2019: WIth a Book in Your Lap

When your world is rocked
By the birth of your baby sister,
When your mom and dad
Are away, recovering,
When the midday sun 
Warms the couch just right,
When the book has been read
Enough so you can "read" it yourself.
It's time for a nap 
With a book in your lap!

PS I've been busy, too.  
I could use a nap, too!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

One way I'm like Melinda & Michelle: OLW

I am like Melinda Gates in one way! I have stopped establishing resolutions that are more than likely to fail and more than likely to leave me disappointed in myself! 

About 6 years ago, thanks to inspiration from fellow bloggers at Two Writing Teachers, I stopped resolving to lose weight, to exercise more, to eat right,or to become organized because those are lifelong areas of self improvement for me! Instead, I began to choose One Little Word to focus my reflection in the new year. It's been a powerful tool (for me) and my past OLWs have become part of the fabric of my life.

I was reflecting on my OLW for 2019 as I stuffed calamari with a new, untried recipe that featured spinach   I wondered if I should have stayed with the traditional recipe....and if my children would notice. I wondered if they might complain about my attempt to nourish them by infusing veggies from nature?                                                                                                                                                  I found my mind wandering toward my OWL as I walked the rain soaked trail on the first morning of the new year. I thought about the profound changes in the past year: leaving a job that defined me and students I cared for as if they were my own. While I miss my struggling readers, the changes have nourished my soul in ways I could not have imagined. I've found energy to sew, read and work on a long abandoned book.  

My internet friend Michelle's post about her OLW caused me to pause and check with a dictionary, but ultimately she confirmed the OLW that was already swirling within me. 

This year, I do hope to NOURISH  and nurture my precious grandchildren as they are growing oh so fast!  I also need to NOURISH my own body and mind with a healthy lifestyle and new experiences. While I cannot turn back the hands of time, I can NOURISH myself and be the best me.  

I'm mindful of the potential power of OLW as I reflect on my past OLWs. When I chose JOY (2014) we  had a joyful year that culminated in a never-to-happen-again-huge-family-celebration. When I chose WHY NOT? (2015) the heavens sent two tiny miracles three days apart! Then, in 2016, as my world crumbled around me, I  chose PERSISTENCE and clung to that word as I moved into a new life. Then, in 2017 I chose HOPE and 2 more miracles were born. Last year, realizing more big changes were ahead, I chose PRESENT in order to focus on the moment rather than on the cliffs ahead. 

So, choosing a OLW is not an "easy" way out of resolutions!  In fact, I think it challenges me to be mindful of my eating, exercising, reading, writing, family, friends, and even my spiritual life. Phew!