Tuesday, May 25, 2021

#sol21 May 25: Got Eggs?

On Mother's Day, I bought myself a hanging planter, a bit of an impulse purchase, as its red and purple flowers seemed to be a sign of hope after a long, hard year.  

When I took the planter off the hook last week, I was not expecting to find four tiny, speckled eggs nestled in a tiny nest!  I hurriedly put the plant back on the hook without watering it.  Later, I used a step stool to take a picture when the Momma headed out to feed.

"Just water it," someone said, "those eggs will never survive anyway."
"That's a crazy place to build a nest," someone else commented. 
" It's certainly not the brightest bird,

So, here I am, even though I was not a "bird watcher" in the past, watching nest and waiting for the arrival of tiny birds.
Here I am, more than a week later, watering my plant gingerly, when the mother flies off to feed, so as to not water the nest or disturb the eggs. 
Here I am, more than a week later, researching the kind of bird that would lay such a tiny speckled egg (not sure, maybe a finch?)
Here I am, waiting for my babies to be born. 
I guess that plant really was a sign of hope after a long year.  

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

To Mask or Not To Mask


I intended this to be a SOL post, but not published in time....
I am a rule follower, most of the time. I obey the speed limit (with the 5 mph variance) and I follow guidelines for drinking enough water and eating in a healthy manner. 

I will admit, however, that I do challenge rules when they go against facts and research.  For example, when a principal told everyone (K-3) to teach reading 3X week and writing 2X a week for  30 minutes, I did not follow that rule!   

So, when I read the CDC changes to mask wearing, I wanted to follow the rules. I wanted to ditch the mask that I find annoying even though children wear them without complaint all day long. I wanted to return to normal life as it was before Covid.   

Perhaps, my reluctance is that not too many weeks ago, I was burning the midnight oil trying to get a vaccine.  Perhaps, my reluctance is because I have not had a cold or virus in 15 months - and I am not alone!  Perhaps, my reluctance is because so many people are not vaccinated and they are everywhere!  Perhaps, the mask means I don't worry about make-up! Perhaps there is something allusive about this whole masking world where I can and do live behind it! 

I really want to visit, hug, and travel.  I really want to laugh, eat out, and swim in the pool.  I even want (and need) to take an exercise class.  I really want to go to Target, TJ Maxx and Home Goods.  I certainly need to buy new jeans, shirts, and, let's be honest. underwear!  

Yet, here I am, deciding to be a rule follower, or not to be a rule follower; to mask, or not to mask while the memories of the anti-maskers from a few months ago intermingle with my own wants, needs, and dislike for masks. Here I am, wondering about the socio-politcal roles and implications for decisions and rules. here I am, worried to my core for those who cannot vaccinate for health reasons and those who cannot vaccinate for trust or other issues.  Here I am, 15 months into this life altering pandemic, more unsure than ever as to who and what to believe. Here I am, hoping that personal and or political agendas are not factors in rules.

I think I know which direction my heart is headed; however, I may need a bit more time before I let the world see my smile! Or perhaps,  I may just follow the rules, and let it all hang out!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

#sol21 May 11 Hoping For Strep?

Did you ever make an appointment to take a "sick" child to the doctor because they had a fever, had been miserable for a couple of days, had no appetite, had been lying listless on the couch....and then when you got to the doctor's office, the child perked up and seemed fine?  

I did, and most of the times, the child still ended up having strep or an ear infection; but, sometimes, we left with the news that it was mostly just a passing virus, but to watch them and return if it got worse.

So it is with my leak that has been coming and going and coming and going.  I thought it might be a "user interface" with the children who hang out here these days. Then, I thought someone had moved the water valve at the back.  There seems to be an intermittent leak at the bottom, in the front of my one year old "potty".  It seems to be clear water, or at least I want to hope it is clear water!  Yet, this morning, as the plumber is due to arrive any moment, the leak is not there!  

I'm hoping this is one of those "perked up at the doctor's moments" that will yield a "strep-like-potty-problem" rather than one of those watch it and let me know if it gets worse days! 


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

@sol21 May 4 Vaccination Rewards


I come from a family of "news junkies," as memories of my dad include his 24-7 CNN obsession while recovering from a broken neck and his up-till-the-end obsession with The Times.  

Admittedly, my first moments of each day are spent with the digital news as I prepare to face the day.  

During this Covid-era, I've "opened" the virtual Times daily to scan the numbers and cry for those lost, I've read about the politics of masks and treatments. I've read about the search for vaccines and the challenges of distribution. Today's news is a first and I actually had to do a quick Google search because I first thought it was a joke!  

Here in New Jersey, where people like me pulled all-nighters just a month ago in order to find a vaccine, they are now offering "rewards" for getting a vaccine!  To be honest, I think the real reward would be an end to this global siege that has claimed and paralyzed lives; however, here, you will also get an adult beverage as a "reward.  I am certain, my dad would have a chuckle over this news!