Tuesday, May 4, 2021

@sol21 May 4 Vaccination Rewards


I come from a family of "news junkies," as memories of my dad include his 24-7 CNN obsession while recovering from a broken neck and his up-till-the-end obsession with The Times.  

Admittedly, my first moments of each day are spent with the digital news as I prepare to face the day.  

During this Covid-era, I've "opened" the virtual Times daily to scan the numbers and cry for those lost, I've read about the politics of masks and treatments. I've read about the search for vaccines and the challenges of distribution. Today's news is a first and I actually had to do a quick Google search because I first thought it was a joke!  

Here in New Jersey, where people like me pulled all-nighters just a month ago in order to find a vaccine, they are now offering "rewards" for getting a vaccine!  To be honest, I think the real reward would be an end to this global siege that has claimed and paralyzed lives; however, here, you will also get an adult beverage as a "reward.  I am certain, my dad would have a chuckle over this news!  


dianelisa2 said...

What a strange choice for a reward for getting a vaccination! I'm with you -- that protecting oneself against a potentially life-threatening illness and ending the pandemic are much higher incentives.

Chris & Dave said...

I agree it is a strange way to get people vaccinated. But I say whatever works to get us to herd stage! I wonder if they offer that beer retroactively?

Jimena Buenos Aires, Argentina said...

Oh, Annita, from a country where we lack vaccines is more than strange to hear this incentive!

Lisa Corbett said...

I miss New Jersey! This seems like such a Jersey thing to do. LOL I would consider a Rita's water ice a better reward though. (Oh, and the end of a pandemic...that's a pretty good reward too, I guess.)

Stacey said...

As someone who grew up in NJ, I have to agree with Lisa. This feels like a very Jersey thing to do. (That said, Thomas Sweet should throw in a free Blend-in for those who don't drink or just prefer ice cream.)