Tuesday, May 11, 2021

#sol21 May 11 Hoping For Strep?

Did you ever make an appointment to take a "sick" child to the doctor because they had a fever, had been miserable for a couple of days, had no appetite, had been lying listless on the couch....and then when you got to the doctor's office, the child perked up and seemed fine?  

I did, and most of the times, the child still ended up having strep or an ear infection; but, sometimes, we left with the news that it was mostly just a passing virus, but to watch them and return if it got worse.

So it is with my leak that has been coming and going and coming and going.  I thought it might be a "user interface" with the children who hang out here these days. Then, I thought someone had moved the water valve at the back.  There seems to be an intermittent leak at the bottom, in the front of my one year old "potty".  It seems to be clear water, or at least I want to hope it is clear water!  Yet, this morning, as the plumber is due to arrive any moment, the leak is not there!  

I'm hoping this is one of those "perked up at the doctor's moments" that will yield a "strep-like-potty-problem" rather than one of those watch it and let me know if it gets worse days! 



Vivian Chen said...

I seem to have that same problem with my car! It'll make weird noises until I arrive at the mechanics.🤷🏻‍♀️

Carol Varsalona said...

What an optimistic view of life, Anita. I was surprised at your photo and ending because I was thinking more about the medical end of your thoughts than a strange occurrence of life. I thoroughly enjoyed your surprise ending!

Adrienne said...

It happens at the vet sometimes too. The dog I thought was dying is just fine once we walk through the office doors.

Good luck with your leak.

arjeha said...

I have had this happen several times. The doctor, service person, whoever just looks at me. How csn they fix what they can't see. Hood luck with your problem.