Tuesday, May 25, 2021

#sol21 May 25: Got Eggs?

On Mother's Day, I bought myself a hanging planter, a bit of an impulse purchase, as its red and purple flowers seemed to be a sign of hope after a long, hard year.  

When I took the planter off the hook last week, I was not expecting to find four tiny, speckled eggs nestled in a tiny nest!  I hurriedly put the plant back on the hook without watering it.  Later, I used a step stool to take a picture when the Momma headed out to feed.

"Just water it," someone said, "those eggs will never survive anyway."
"That's a crazy place to build a nest," someone else commented. 
" It's certainly not the brightest bird,

So, here I am, even though I was not a "bird watcher" in the past, watching nest and waiting for the arrival of tiny birds.
Here I am, more than a week later, watering my plant gingerly, when the mother flies off to feed, so as to not water the nest or disturb the eggs. 
Here I am, more than a week later, researching the kind of bird that would lay such a tiny speckled egg (not sure, maybe a finch?)
Here I am, waiting for my babies to be born. 
I guess that plant really was a sign of hope after a long year.  

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