Sunday, February 17, 2013

Concern, Crumbs and Cleaning

 Angst, concern,
Wondering, hoping, praying,
Friends, family, loved ones.
Diverse, wide ranging
Difficulty days for many. 
Winter's dark, cold, and windy afternoons,
No long walks to the pond.
So, I cleaned spices and "Gladware,"
Organized the pantry and pots,
Cleaned crumbs from the silverware,
   Sorted old magazines.
Don't be too jealous,
My car is a mess,
The office could use a shovel,
Socks need matching and clothes need ironing.  
There are powerpoints to write
Case studies to review
Yet, I am busy tonight, too,
As I head towards my pillow,
People to hold close in my heart
Prayers to be said.

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