Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter Woes #slice2013

Today, I'm focusing on its woes!
Have you glared at the slight incline ahead,
Watching cars fishtail on the icy slope?
Have you seen a tractor trailer,
Lying on its back, like a bug on an icy hill?
Have you seen a driver, throw caution to the wind, 
Passing inches from your mirror? 
Have you luged down the driveway,
Losing your shoes, earning a speed record?
Did you wonder if you would stop
If you would be able to stand up?
Have you ever ached from shoveling,
Numb fingers, twisted ankles, sore back?
Did you think about warm beaches,
Suntan lotion and cruises as you repositioned the snow?

Have you ever dreamed of outdoor recess
When children run, yell, play?
Spring training, opening day,
Hiking, biking, canoeing?
 Spring and summer vacations,
When the piles and slippery slopes will be distant memories?
I do! 


Margaret Simon said...

We Southerners tend to romanticize the snow. We don't see it and in all truth, wouldn't know what to do with it. I chuckled at your poem, the not so romantic side of snow on snow. I enjoy looking at the pictures, but I don't envy the shoveling or the shivering.

Terje said...

I like winter most of the time, but I hate (and am not afraid to use such a strong word) to drive when it is icy and snowing. Today was a good winter day. The roads were clean and the sled hills snowy. We celebrated Shrove Tuesday with sledding.
I am ready for more sun and less clothes.

BK said...

YES! I love the winter and hate the winter. I'd like it to last a shorter amount of time... and I'm with you Anita, I don't do snow well. Unless it's on my terms :)

Nanc said...

Okay...the drivers that are behind me that are not following proper distance rules...scare me the most! The luge on your driveway...yikes! Maybe with a real sled, but not with your body. 6 more weeks? I think I can, I think I can. Loved it! xo

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

I love watching snow fall and blanket the world...but that's about it!

Judy said...

This is why we moved south. We still get some snow and ice, but here today, gone tomorrow. It beautiful if you can stay inside and watch it.

Robin said...

I enjoyed your winter poem! There are days that I love the snow and days I hate it. Today is a woe day - I need to see some sunshine around here...stat!

Linda B said...

I don't mind any of it, as long as I'm the only one on the road. It's those other drivers that worry me. This is funny, Anita, in a dark sort of way. I like the romance of winter, but not if I have to deal with it. Thanks!

Ramona said...

I always love when others say they are okay on snowy roads, it's the crazy other drivers they worry about. I reply that I'm that crazy other driver who is scared to death of driving in the snow. I'm glad that where I love we tend to cancel school when the first flake falls! Unfortunately, this year we've had no snow!

Ramona said...

Should have been where I live (not love). It's also where I love!

Amy Rudd said...

So true...I am ready for the winter woes to be over
You captured the things that some of us fret over and keep motivated by!