Friday, February 8, 2013

Relax, it's only a test

It's try that KIDS really are evaluated based on HOW they do on that test too!  Sometimes, as they take that first big test in third grade, affectionately known in NYS as the ELA, they get a little anxious or a little over confident or even a little scared.  It's so big and official and the adults around them put so much emphasis on "the test" that everyone knows it is important.

So, while we cannot make testing go away, reducing stress around testing is something we can focus on doing.  One of the suggestions in the Times article is a form of relaxation breathing that even little kids could learn to do in our classroom as a means of managing stress that is presented in the Journal of School Counseling (2010).

Yes, Ray,  I will talk to my school psychologist about this! 

Read more about this here:,9171,2135124,00.html#ixzz2KKCtYlrx,9171,2135124,00.html

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