Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunshine and Technology

It is a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in Stormville as I post this week's powepoint and try to update student grades on Blackboard. Last weekend was spent devoid of electricity, heat, and water...trying to do a powerpoint on a borrowed computer in Paneros! I guess that is why I am SO aware of the sunshine and the feeling of spring and hope it always evokes. Somehow, the sunshine is a reminder that there are good things planned by a higher power for all of us in the days to come. It's pretty amazing that I feel this way as last week was very stressful for so many of the people I love and care about....and the days ahead will likely have more stress than I can even imagine.....
I guess the sunshine is a me....that reader responses, grades, powerpoints, and even finding jobs....the day to day stressors of this world...are just to day stressors of this world. There are brighter days planned for all of the days ahead.

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