Saturday, April 12, 2014

#celebratelu Quotes of the Week

Discover. Play. Build.

This week I have "written" less than usual, perhaps because I was trying to cram two work-weeks into one to prepare for "Spring Break"!  Yet, this week was filled with words that etched my heart. So, I call this, "Quotes of the Week."

1) "Would you like to take some books to read over the vacation?" I asked.
"No thank you," she said politely, happily and confidently, as she skipped out of the room without looking back, "I'm not going to read a single word over the vacation. Not one single word!"
"I've still got a lot of work to do on that one," I thought to myself as I silently made a plan to hook her in with Pinky and Rex after vacation.  

2) "I'm gonna miss you on vacation," he said as he reached in for a bit of a hug, clutching a well worn copy of Danny and the Dinosaur in his other hand.  I looked at the book knowing that I would likely never see it again; yet, hoping, beyond reasonable instincts, that this child might just take a treasured book that he could now read on his trip.  I really was hoping that just maybe we wouldn't lose the progress made recently.  "Don't worry, I will try to read for 1 minute every day, even if I might be kind of busy surfing, sailing, swimming and playing video games," he assured me!
"A minute is a start," I thought to myself as he skipped out of the Reading Room!

3) "The kids were purposefully busy and happily engaged in meaningful activities," he commented.  "It was like they went for a 25-minute reading-writing work-out!  It was kind of like going to the gym, with some build-up, some really hard work, but with a feeling of great accomplishment at the end."
"That's exactly what I want them to do," I responded happily.
"It's too bad you don't burn calories doing this kind of a workout 9 times a day," I thought to myself as I skipped out of the office!

4) I've been reading Ruth Ayers 40 Stories, a series of posts that come from her heart, filled with stories of real family life with its ups and downs, pulls and pushes. This week, she wrote a post that was certainly earmarked for me as I have tried, not always perfectly, to balance my own hopes, dreams, wants, needs and those of the people in my life.
At the end, Ruth reflects,

                "I'm learning life, when lived to the fullest, is almost always 
                a moment away from unraveling. 
               We live at the tipping point between pure chaos and pure blessing." 

As I look ahead to my own week "off," filled to the brim with cleaning, cooking, raking, doctors, dentists, audiologists, lawyers, play-dates, shopping, errands, walks, and a day-trip to meet new family and friends, I thought to myself, "I really am blessed."  


Michelle Haseltine said...

Anita, I love the idea of framing this post by using quotes! The end of this post is so hope-filled!! Enjoy a blessed week of vacation! :)

Terje said...

I honestly forgot to make reading plans with my students before skipping out for the spring break. I know the ELL students will read if their parents keep their promise to me. I know that many will read because they love it. There are some I wonder about. I can hope that they will read even when I didn't say they had to.
Happy Spring Break!
P.S Your link at Ruth's post directs me to Ruth's writing not your celebration post.

LInda Baie said...

I was going to tell you about the link, too, Anita. Glad to find you anyway! I love hearing about the kids' words, readying for break. Some will read, read, read, & some, like the one, will be happy to take a break. I hope your very busy week can also include some quiet moments for you, too!

Holly Mueller said...

#1 made me laugh. I love how you handled it - like a challenge. :-)Happy spring break!

elsie said...

I hope your break allows you more than a minute of reading or writing. Oh the things those kids say!

Jaana said...

I look forward to hearing "I missed you" as I go back on Monday. Hoping that your vacation will be more evidence on how blessed you are! Sending sunshine to your way for the coming week!