Saturday, June 7, 2014

#celebratelu2014 Finding Joy in My Happy Place

It's June and I guess my husband it right: it's a tough month for teachers. This wrapping up and packing up and preparing for next year while making every moment's a busy and stressful time of year. So this celebration, like my writing this week, will be brief while I celebrate and remember this small moment. One of my colleagues walked by yesterday as I was doing what I do every day, sitting with kids, sharing books. I'm sure I was glowing with pride as I listened to this shining star proudly read.  As I glanced up, my colleague said softly, "I love to walk by this room.  It's such a happy place."  The student, oblivious to the visitor, kept on reading, engrossed in the tale of some dog named Maisey.  The colleague offered to snap a photo (it's APPR binder season). As I looked at the photo later, I realized I could not share the magic of a six year old who had discovered the magic of reading without showing her smiling face; however, I could share that my colleague had captured my "happy place." As I glance at this photo, I am celebrating:

  • Possibilities for learning even when there are obstacles along the way
  • Progress made possible with assessment-guided, differentiated instruction
  • Professional reflection (even if I am not fond of paper filled binders)
  • Passion for teaching that has not grown old
  • Pillows (rescues from an abandoned sofa) that provide a platform for grounded learning
  • Phones that capture moments in time
  • Pride that I can still get down (and up) to meet my students wherever they are!  
Thanks Ruth for reminding me to stop, celebrate, and remember these wonderful small moments. 


Michelle Haseltine said...

What a great picture!! You are certainly in your happy place. You look engrossed in what's going on and I bet your students know that! Congrats to you for creating such a joy-filled and safe place for your students and for yourself!

LInda Baie said...

Love the picture, Anita, & that 'pillow for grounded learning'-too funny! Happy June!

Terje said...

"Happy Place" - love the phrase - the environment, the time, the reader and the teacher meeting the reader where the reader is physically and developmentally. I am glad that you have a photo to keep.