Friday, July 3, 2015

#Celebrate2015 The Watermelon Wedge

I had not planned to write a celebration post this week; however, the watermelon wedge got to me. Let me explain.

As I plowed through the Stop and Shop aisles on a hot afternoon, it caught my eye.  It was just a small wedge of seedless watermelon nestled among a pile of pre-splintered-to-make-sure-you-got-a sweet-one watermelon pieces.  Yet it "called to me" and so I popped it into my hand basket. 

It sat quietly on the shelf in the fridge for a few days until Fourth of July Eve, when it "called to me" again.

As I was savoring setting sun, the memories flooded back as if a "dam" had been opened. We always had some for her birthday and she would retell the story, of her mother as well as her own love for watermelon.  We often went to the Falls to celebrate with wet towels, sunburned noses, blueberries, and watermelon.  I'm sure we had cake; but I don't really remember it.  Instead, I remember the watermelon.  

She's been gone a long time; yet, she is still a model for who I would like to as a mother, grandmother and mother-in-law,  I can still see her whipping up frittatas or a "bit" of pasta for hungry grandchildren.  

Her enjoyment of life, was enormous.  I am sure everyone smiled when Kitty showed up at the Friendly Club each week.

Perhaps, her most important power was to knit us together, as a family. As I knit a few more rows on my own project, she will be with me.

So on the Fourth of July, her birthday, I celebrate my "other mother" who somehow, reaches through cyberspace and the clouds to empower a slice of watermelon to "talk to me."  Thanks Kitty, I needed the "call."  

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