Tuesday, March 1, 2016

sol16 Marching Through March Without the SOL Community?

I thought about skipping this year,
I thought about how much I have to do,
As a teacher of reluctant and struggling readers,
With lesson plans, CSE meetings, multiple reports pending,
As a professor to 30+ graduate students,
With more reports to read than I can count.

As the mother of new parents,
Who could use painting, babysitting, cooking, support,
As the Grammie to two snuggle-puppies,
Who make my heart grow as they roll, cuddle, and coo,
As the Auntie of many
Who need to know that life goes one
As well as some books, snuggles, and veils.

As a friend who would like to share breakfasts, dinners,
Talk about the past, the present, the future,
As the caretaker of a house-on-the-market
Who must vacuum every dust bunny and wash every dish,
As the getting-ready-to-move-lady,
Who should be packing and finding a place to live.

As the caregiver for my last surviving Aunt,
Who needs to know that someone still cares,
As the executor for my mother's messy estate,
With more forms, accounts, reports, worries
With two houses to sell, three income taxes to file,
With more daily cringe-inducing- messes
Than I care to acknowledge.

Then, March 1st came.
There were slicers posting soon after midnight.
I got excited about Opening Day.
I wondered what March would be like without SOL?
I told myself I had to try.
Writing is part of who I am now,
Part of the Teacher, the Professor, the Mother, 
The Grammie, the Auntie,
The Caretaker, the Caregiver,
The Executor,
The Writer.

I will try
To write and read,
To heal and grow,
To reflect
To look ahead
To look at the Slices of My Life
That Writer-ly Eye.


Molly Hogan said...

Kudos to you for joining in with so much on your plate! It's a bit addictive, isn't it? Happy slicing!

rissable said...

I am in awe of you. And like you, I felt trepidation and seriously considered "opting out" this year....but alas here we are....welcome back. I am excited to read your slices and to be inspired by you as I am today.

Unknown said...

So glad that you are back! I enjoy reading your posts! This has been the least prolific year for me as a blogger since I started slicing in 2012. I look to this as a kick in the pants to get going again. Congrats on the being a mom to new parents.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it becomes part of who we are, and it just wouldn't feel right to skip it. Thanks for the reminder, we can do it even when we are so busy!

Lisa Rizzo said...

Good for you for taking up the challenge. You know the writing will help you get through everything else. You can do it, I can do, we can ALL do it!

Michelle Haseltine said...

I'm SO glad you're here! It wouldn't be the same without you. LOVED the poem! Powerful and it speaks to my fear....of doing this AND not doing it!

Ramona said...

Welcome, Anita, so glad you're here and willing to try in the midst of so much to do. It's great to see you willing to exercise your writerly eye. Love your words - "I got excited about Opening Day."

Unknown said...

I am so glad that you decided to continue writing in March. I hope it brings you joy and a respite from your very busy life!