Tuesday, July 26, 2016

#sol16 Warning Signs

These days,
I usually order books
On my Kindle.
It's faster, easier,
With two clicks
I'm reading.

One summer day,
So for a special "vacation" treat,
I went to a real, wonderful,
Where "real" books lined the shelves,
People thumbed through the pages
Before carrying their treasures home.
The warning signs
Confirmed what I already knew.
It was a dangerous place 
Where books were screaming
"Take me,"
My credit card was moaning
"Do you need all this?"
And I was smiling
As I remembered the joy
A wonderful bookstore
Could bring
And as I carried my 
Treasures home
Ignoring all those


Adrienne Gillespie said...

I love nothing more than wandering in a bookstore. I am fortunate enough to live in Portland, OR and one of my special treats is to take the bus downtown to Powells. I can spend the whole day there.

Suzanne Ferreri said...

That place is one of the best!

Linda B said...

So glad you ignored those 'warning signs', Anita, and took the plunge! Nothing better than a bookstore.

Shari Daniels said...

This looks like a little piece of heaven to me! Gosh, I love those bookstores. Thank you for sharing your experience - I can see I am not alone!

Hannah said...

I love this post! Bookstores are magical places, and I'm glad they are so loved by other people too. This was a beautiful post.

Amye said...

Books are treasures, indeed! Some of my best memories are rooted in book stores!

beckymusician said...

You're so lucky to find a bookstore that isn't a chain. I love being in bookstores, even when I restrain myself from buying.

Anita Ferreri said...


Anita Ferreri said...


Michelle Haseltine said...

I'm so glad to read your post! The sign is hilarious! There's NOTHING better than a bookstore!

Novelista Barista said...

there are so few awesome bookstores left!

Ramona said...

Love spending time in bookstores! So glad you ignored the warning and brought home your own treasures.

Loralee said...

So true! Such joy in a bookstore!