Thursday, October 5, 2017

Highly Efffective Student Engagement: Petting a Mouse?

Perhaps it was that solar energy
Spurred by a magical stop in my tracks,
Against my will by traffic moment
Crossing the Hudson.

Full Hunter's Moon of October

Perhaps it was the the lunar energy
Powered by an October Full Moon
Before a 3 day weekend of 
Questionable determination

Perhaps, it was
A topic of yesterday's faculty meeting:
Student Engagement
Lingering on my brain.
We can all agree that student engagement
Is a critial factor in good teaching 
As well as student learning.

Yet it was in the hallway
On the dreaded morning duty
That I watched a classroom greeting
Through a warmed up lens.
Not individual handshakes
Not empty good mornings,
But, a carefully executed
Attempt at student engagement
By a seasoned teacher,

I am pretty sure I noticed
What was 
A four out of four
On student engagement
On any APPR rubric.

I know

It happens every day

They are eager to be learning
You can't pet a mouse and be uptight
It's a supernatural delight
Petting a mouse in the early morning light!

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