Wednesday, July 4, 2018

#sol2018: Fourth of July

I spent the morning, under an old shady tree, watching a Fourth of July parade. There was clapping, waving, juggling, and bike riding. There were fire trucks and police cars with horns honking and sirens blaring!

For local officials, it was a chance to see and be seen.
For children, it was a chance to be up close and personal with marchers and big trucks!
I must admit, there was something for everyone.If you look closely at the last photo, there was a reminder of one of the many freedoms we have in America: the freedom to READ!

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Ramona said...

How delightful to celebrate with a parade. Our hometown parade and fireworks are the weekend after the 4th. Somehow , it loses some of the patriotic fervor. I walked with a friend this morning & we sang "She's a Grand Old Flag." Happy Fourth, Anita!