Tuesday, November 27, 2018

#sol18 Thinking and Thankful

Has given way to 
Black Friday, 
Small Business Saturday,
Cyber Monday,
Grateful Tuesday
Frenzied Hanuka prep, 
Abundant Christmas lights,
Jam-packed shopping malls,
Gigantic decorated trees, wreaths
Leaving grateful hearts,
Thinking about many blessings,
Slightly strained belts,
Thinking about abundant tables,
Grateful grandparents,
Thinking about grandchildren,
Hopeful parents,
Thinking about children,
And yet-to-be-born children,
Somewhat stressed students,
Thinking about end of semester papers,
All thankful for today,
All optimistic about the future,
All looking ahead.

On the afterglow of Thanksgiving,
On the eve of December
On the edge of the semester,
Facing a busy month,
Facing many challenges,
Facing piles of papers,
I'm thoughtful, thinking, and thankful.
Pretty sure Thanksgiving
Is more than a day.


Ramona said...

"I'm thoughtful, thinking, and thankful." Thanks for taking the time to share this with us at such a busy time of year. Love your use of repetition in this poem.

Terje said...

Yes, carrying the thankfulness from month to month fills a year with thankfulness. And gratitude creates abundance. I enjoyed reading your poem. Thank you!