Tuesday, April 2, 2019

#sol19 My Turn

I took a deep breath as I entered the office, not sure of the outcome, the next steps, the path ahead. "One foot in front of the other," I assured myself without saying a word aloud as my heart rate increased slowly but surely with each step. I could feel my breathing increase as I pulled the door open, although the door was not heavy at all. I could feel the cold florescent lighting send a chill through my body.  "Why not rethink the layout of waiting rooms," I wondered?

I signed in, took my seat and then I waited, seemingly forever, but in reality, time measured in minutes. I pretended to read an old People magazine, distracted a bit with tales of J.Lo, Alex, Celine and Kelly.
I looked through decorations in an old edition of Good Housekeeping wondering about the next year.
I checked my phone for messages and there were none.
I checked my email and there were advertisements from Michaels (40% off one item), Joanne's (30% off everything) and Gap (I'm sure I have not shopped there in many years).
I opened the daily Sudoko and it was an easy completion in 4 minutes! 
I opened the Sudoko app and played a "hard" game completing it in 12 minutes with no mistakes.
I took a deep breath as the room seemed to empty, knowing my turn was ahead.
I heard my name in the distance, perhaps, or in the room, more likely, wondering in the moment if I should change my name even though it served me well for many years. 
It was not an April Fool's joke, it was my turn.  


arjeha said...

Waiting is the hardest part of anything. Waiting at a place you really don't to be to see someone you don't want to see for something you don't want to do seems intolerable.

Red Emma said...

Waiting is not good. You describe it so well. I hope your news is not bad.