Tuesday, June 4, 2019

#sol19 In the Mist or In the Midst

As I edged my way into the pool in the early morning, I was mesmerized by the mist that rose from the water, suggesting it was much warmer than the air above. It rose in streamers, slowly, as if there was something magical in the pool that wanted to escape, yet, wanted to be noticed on its way out!  The air was clearly late spring and most sane people had a sweatshirt or a jacket on to ward off the early morning chill.

As I edged my way into the pool in the early morning, my mind wandered to my new  project teaching in a new way to a new audience in a new medium.  I'm in the midst of planning and much like the pool on that late spring morning, I find ideas rising, in streamers, slowly, wanting to escape as I am driving, as I am walking, and even as I am swimming!

As I swam in the water that was much warmer than the air at 6 AM, I thought this scene might be a metaphor for my life right now. It's much easier to move through the warm water than it will be to emerge into the cold morning air.  It's much safer in the planning stages than it will be when I emerge for production.  I'm indeed in the midst of many new things and the coincidence of the mist in the midst of it all was a bit uncanny!


Ramona said...

Love how you took your morning swim mist and applied it to your current in the midst situation. Here's to an awesome launch to your new project teaching. Your streamers, coming at you at different times, will be the guide for future success.

Chris said...

Your description of the steam rising off the pool like the ideas in your mind was captivating!