Tuesday, January 5, 2021

#SOL21 OLW: Finding a Word During Chaotic Times

I started choosing One Little Word to guide my words and actions after admiring others in this SOL group.  At first, I didn't publish my words as if publishing would make them a public resolution. 

Then, I noticed that my chosen words, somehow, seemed to come true and I wondered (became scared) about the potential of a word to really shape my year. For example, there was the year I chose "joy" and months of joyful experiences culminated with a wonderful family celebration filled with joy.  Then there was the year I chose, "why not" and my tumultuous year included great loss and the need to rethink my entire life.. So, I concluded choosing a OLW was a big responsibility.

This year, there are several words that have circled my brain....but the word "confidence" seems to have emerged even though my own confidence in myself and others has been low for several years. I share my word choice cautiously, but hopefully, after months of turmoil.
t                               the belief that one can rely on someone or something                         
                                feeling certain about the truth of something
  • Confidence we can all hold it together until this pandemic can be brought under control.   
  • Confidence we will accept the learning challenges along with the gains for parents, children,  teachers.    
  • Confidence we will all be respectful of differing ideas, philosophies, and backgrounds.
  • Confidence we might all listen and reflect more than we talk.  
  • Confidence I will hug family and friends, soon.
  • Confidence I will drive, fly, visit explore somewhere.
  • Confidence I can prepare grad students to use assessment driven instruction totally on line.
  • Confidence I will focus on what I have accomplished, rather than what I have not,
  • Confidence our world might be a kinder, nicer, and more respectful place


Terje said...

Confidence is a strong and resilient word. A good one to have in 2021.

Chris & Dave said...

YOu sound confident in this choice. As I was searching for my word I read that often times our word of the year is not a comfortable choice - and that is ok too. We all need to grow and stretch. Yet - the pandemic is certainly making us do that regardless of a one little word.

Amy Ellerman said...

I agree with you; choosing OLW is a big responsibility. The word confidence shouts into the wind that you are determined to make the most of 2021.