Tuesday, June 29, 2021

#sol21 They're BACK!


I wrote earlier this month about the bird's nest that consumed my mother's day gift to myself to watching children fly from the nest. 

"Remember how you were a little sad when those baby birds all flew away? she asked and without waiting for an reply, she added, "they're back!" 

And sure enough, they're back, at least cousins of my recent sublets!

I've never spent so much time watching birds build their incredible nests in strange locations that somehow protect fragile eggs from wind, rain, and the baking sun.  It's amazing how they select their locations, create their masterpieces, and nurture their babies as they grow at a breakneck pace towards maturity.  

This time, the nest rests precariously in a non-working, full-on-rusting, lantern where I was planning on hanging another plant!  

Plans for that plant are on hold as I am "expecting" little birdies on the porch, once again. 


nancyrsantucci said...

Birds are fascinating! You might enjoy reading today's post from cmargocs titled, "Birdwatching" (I’ve become a bird-lady this summer:
Be sure to take a picture, and write about these new babies when they hatch.

Lakshmi Bhat said...

Wonderful. Every year Bulbuls try to build a nest inside the house and we have to discourage them. We close the windows in the evening. It is always a joy to watch birds.