Tuesday, October 5, 2021

#sol21 October 5, 2021 The Day The Window Popped

The morning started with a gentle rain and thick clouds that suggested there would be more rain and yet with the promise of many accomplishments.  I made my to-do list and smiled, confident that I could do it all. Then, I dropped my gym bag into the trunk, eager to start week 2 of my "take care of myself" program.  

    As I turned the first corner, I heard the familiar sounds of a stump grinder amid a bevy of trucks making it hard to see what was ahead.  Then, I heard the thump of what I thought was a wood chunk hitting just behind my driver's seat.  "Those folks should have set up one of those screens to protect people who are standing around.  That chunk would have hurt someone," I thought. I looked around for the name of a tree service on the side of a truck thinking I would not want to use that company but I did not linger as the traffic was backed up a bit! I did wonder if I would find a ding in the side of my car, but I did not linger on that thought with a day full of potential ahead of me.

   Arriving at my first destination, I reached for the door handle and a pop that sounded like fireworks stopped my eager anticipation of the day in its tracks.  The window was now a million little pieces of glass spilling onto the road, the floor; somehow avoiding the fortunately empty at that time car seat.

     My to-do list was altered as I explored options for glass replacement of a rarely replaced window (outside of car crashes) an era of supply chain shortages.  I did not make it to the gym; however, I learned about: windows that shatter to allow rescues; crash wrapping that allows you to keep driving; and insurance deductions that allow you to just buy a window!  

     The day ended with more of that gentle rain, a few unplanned tasks, and a grateful, even if under-exercised, heart.


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Maureen said...

Your ending is so beautiful - your grateful heart! Thank you for this sharing; sorry for your frustration with the wood chipper.