Tuesday, December 21, 2021

#sol21 December 21 If Only In My Dreams


Long before I was born, Bing Crosby crooned "I'll be home for Christmas" in a 1943 holiday classic song. At the time, the melancholy image of a soldier far from home, yearning to be with loved ones was clearly on his and others' minds. It's always been just a song on the radio (or on Pandora) not one that I hummed during the holidays!

Yet, that song popped into my mind when I overheard someone respond to the, "What are you doing for Christmas," question with a solemn, "I'll be home for Christmas.  I guess it's the new normal

Those words drifted in my head when I heard the rest of the Radio City Music Hall's Spectacular performances were cancelled. 

The words seeped into my mind as I reconsidered plans, out of an abundance of caution.

The message echoed in my head as I thought of all those families and friends estranged since March of 2020! 

The song was playing as I waited for my own PCR test.

Perhaps it is the last line of the song that is the most fitting, again this year.  "If only in my dreams.

Despite this melancholy post, I hope you and your family get together however works for you and that your holiday season is safe and peaceful.  No matter what, I am hoping we are going into a 2022 where dreams will come true!  


Vivian Chen said...

This really hit home Fran! We were planning on going to visit family this winter break, but with everyone getting sick, we've decided to stay home.

Hope you stay safe and have a wonderful holiday however it may be spent.

Fran Haley said...

My husband has had the traditional holiday channel playing and I've been hearing Bing's distinctive voice a lot lately - and even caught a bit of his performance in Going My Way on a movie channel. He knew how to work those words...a lesson to us writers! I absolutely know how a phrase becomes a personal them song, playing in the background of one's life - you capture this well. And YES, here's to things looking up in 2022! Wishing you much holiday joy. And surprises.