Monday, May 21, 2012

Tea Time

It started the usual way
Bills; power points; laundry; vacuuming; scrubbing; exercising; cooking; care-giving.
I was feeling a bit guilty as I passed my husband
Saturday afternoon lawn mowing was on his agenda.
  I felt a bit stressed, but I rushed out. 

Then, I entered Maize's Tea House 
I was transformed in time and space to a world
Where time to talk and share is valued.
You don't rush when you do afternoon tea;
 Instead, you linger much like tea leaves in a pot.
You embrace tiny tomato and goat cheese sandwiches, trying them all. 
You savor homemade scones with cream and lemon curd,
You feel like a princess. 
You smile as little girls describe the sweetness
Finding melting sugar cubes in the bottom of a cup. 
My heart was full as I sipped my Lady Londenberry (no sugar cube needed).  
Thinking about the sweetness of sharing an afternoon,
Women from four to four plus many,
Talking, laughing, reflecting, and loving,
Inspired by our time with the tea.  



maria.selke said...

This was lovely!

I like how you set up the poem, and I loved the specific words you chose. I haven't had that kind of tea - I may have to try it. I do love the overly sweet bottom of a tea cup, with all the excess sugar pooled at the bottom.

elsie said...

We all need some of that serenity time. I love the way you describe it. It was so hectic before you got to the tea room and peaceful while there. Take time for peace during these last days of school.

wakeupandwrite said...

From four to forty - yes we all love a place to pause.