Monday, March 4, 2013

Dreary or Delightful #Slice 2013

We left early on a cold, dreary morning,
Going down the mountain, the dusting of snow 
Tried to cover the dead landscape
But, the woods were lifeless,
The absolute grayness of late winter
Was everywhere.
We reached our first destination,
Sang hymns of praise,
Reflected on blessings, prayers,
Opened our hearts,
Remembered His promise
Rainbows follow storms.
At the next stop, along with fruits and vegetables,
There was man-made evidence of His promise,
Forced bulbs filled grassy knolls,
 Lilac bushes, were encouraged to bloom before their time,
Reminders, signs, scents, colors to come, soon.
Carefully landscaped waterfalls,
Their man-made pumps
Surrounded by nature's potential
The dark skies, abject grayness of late winter,
For a while, a distant memory.
His promise fulfilled
Rainbows follow seasons of storms.


Anonymous said...

Is this at the Adam's flower show? I'm sorry I missed it this year! Always the first sign that spring is coming!

Anonymous said... said...

You can catch it - at the end - next weekend in Wappingers!

asingleton516 said...

Your writing makes me crave spring even more!!!

Anonymous said...

I may just do that! I'll be up in that neck of the woods visiting my parents so I may have to twist their arm into going... :)

Lee Ann Spillane said...

What a gorgeous garden installation! Beautiful!