Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mrs. Mimi Appears on Reading Today

I'm pretty sure I have never met Mrs. Mimi; however, I  think I would love to have dinner with her or even to stand in line with her for half price tickets (you really get to know people like that). I am pretty sure I like her - a whole lot!  Like other technologically savy educational nerds, I was reading Reading Today the other day (on the treadmill) when I say her article. In my effort to assure I did not lose the article, I linked it to Facebook, liked it to Twitter and pinned it to Pinterest.  That's a sign of my level of embrace!
 I laughed out loud when she said that "everything can be related to teaching"  Then she said, "The truth is, working with students in small settings (such as the one-on-one conference or a small group) is what makes the biggest difference in a child’s learning."   I suspect some of my grad students have heard similar words emerge from my lips!  Perhaps you will believe me now! 


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