Monday, January 20, 2014

Lessons in Determination (from football)

I spent most of my life avoiding football like the plague.  People jumping on one another just did not seem like a fun way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon - to me!  When my childcare-provider suggested my then sweet-cheeked-five year old would probably love football, I responded quickly, "Not my son."

Yet, she was right, and he did "grow up" to love the power of football while I buried concerns about his safety with the clear evidence that his participation was important to him.  While there were some injuries, there were also clear lessons in determination that I could never have taught.   

This morning, when I saw this Derrick Coleman commercial, the memories of football's power came flooding back.  Coleman, the only hearing-impaired professional football player (I am pretty sure) certainly exemplifies to power of determination and serves as a role model for not only the hearing impaired community.  

There are risks in everything we do (driving a car, crossing the street, eating ice cream!.....) and while we do need to make sure our kids and players are safe when they play football (or any other sport), there are life-lessons in determination that might just carry into classrooms, boardrooms, and households.

While I admit that I usually watch the Superbowl for its commercials, this year, I will be following Coleman!

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