Saturday, January 4, 2014

#Celebrate this week: Filled with family

Ruth Ayres started this Celebrate each week to encourage thinking about the celebrations in every day life. This sure has been a week full!
Discover. Play. Build.
It's been the longest winter break I can ever remember (16 days) and that alone should be (and is) sixteen (16)  reasons to celebrate.

The days have been filled with cooking, eating and celebrating with family, including the cousins and friends (4) who will soon return to college.  There were also cousins (2) who will soon be back to basketball, winter track (1), coaching (1) or to work (12).  They all made time to gather and celebrate New Year's Day with the family.

In total, there were twenty eight (28) people who gathered around the counter at some point on New year's Day to watch cousins (2) prepare a fresh octopus salad.  Like paparazzi, they took photos of the preparation before they devoured every tentacle (8)!     

The days and evenings of this long winter break have been filled with visitors who were willing to step out of their day to day lives to spend some time on our mountain.  There have been some wonderful dinners, great conversations, and some game-playing  including John Deere Monopoly and Scrabble.  I've lost a few rounds of Scrabble (2), but I've won a few (2), too!  Amazingly, Twister, that old classic from the '60's was the "hit" of the season with participants of all ages (5 to 50)! 
I've eaten too much, slept plenty, enjoyed the banter, and begun this New Year with joy in my heart.  When you stop to think about your life, there sure is a lot to celebrate!  


Michelle Haseltine said...

Here's my favorite part of your post, "...begun this New Year with joy in my heart." Sounds like your break was relaxing and rejuvenating! I, too, am starting the new year with joy in my heart. Hoping that you hold onto that joy for the rest of 2014 and beyond!

Amy Rudd said...
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Amy Rudd said...

I see how our celebrations are out of a similar "play" book! Enjoy what is left of the has been wonderful to be off for so many days.

Tara said...

To have "eaten too much, slept plenty, enjoyed the banter, and begun this New Year with joy in my heart" is a wondrous thing. Wow as far as the octopus is concerned!

Ramona said...

With our snow Friday, we enjoyed a 17 day break. I've seen a few moms who are definitely ready for school to start! I love that life slows down a bit and we find time to play games. The joy in your heart is contagious!

Linda B said...

I just can't do octopi, but glad others like it! So glad you had such a wonderful time with so many. I'm glad the weather held for most, maybe not the college kids! Some had some trouble in Michigan & Minnesota (colleagues trying to get home) but most made it home for Christmas. Thanks for sharing all the pics-fun to see twister still hanging around! Have a great week next week, Anita!

Jaana said...

Your JOY is contagious even with that octopus salad sounding a little scary. Check out my blog as I nominated you for Sunshine Award! It is joyful to read your celebration post!

Terje said...

16 days of break is great, especially when it is filled with fun, games, plenty of sleep, yummy food, and wonderful people. I hope that your year will continue in the same spirit as it started.