Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#SOL2013: Starting the new year in purple

With all due respect to The Purple Lady, that marvelous movie with Oprah Winfrey, my daughter, my cousin, my nieces, and all the rest of you who embrace the color purple with open abandon, I have, for most of my life, avoided the color at all costs!

I remember, long ago, when my friend's mother offered me an otherwise wonderful prom dress that her older daughter had worn.  It was exquisite and fit me to a tee; however, it was purple, and I did not want to wear a purple dress even if it was a fabulous designer dress and free!  

I remember the day my then toddling daughter determined purple to be her favorite color. I cringed, but hoped it would be a passing phase. (It wasn't) Yet, she followed in a long path of people who love purple that has surrounded me for most of my life!

So, now, older, wiser, and not sure why I hated purple so much, I am going to be wearing a purple winter coat. She's waterproof, windproof and I must admit much warmer than the old coat she is replacing. I might have gotten red, blue or black if they had my size, but in the 50% off after the holidays clearance section, when you h ave a $15 off coupon that must be used that day, you have to take what they have in your size.

I wore her yesterday and my only complaint was that I was a little too warm!  I am openly admitting that I really like her!  While I usually wear basic black or gray to work and usually blend into the background, I like the idea of a happy coat!  So, I  have decided to embrace the color purple this coming year. I'm not even sure why I didn't like it for all those years!  I may even buy a purple dress!  I know Karen, Karen and Suz, I have wasted all these good years not wearing purple; however, I have seen the light as the new year dawns!  Who knows what great things I might accomplish in the new year wearing a bright new coat and (maybe) even a purple dress!  

And, since the new year is fast approaching, I reflect and wonder how many of us hold onto "old" biases and "ideas" that really are not grounded in reality?  Perhaps, in this new year, we could "resolve" to be open to new ideas and possibilities?  I am going to try!


Julieanne said...

I love how you link your aversion to the color purple with Oprah and resolving to look at biases and preconceived thinking. Great thoughts for the new year. Thank you!

Carol said...

Here's wishing you a year filled with all sorts of purple-ish experiences! Happy 2014!

Tara said...

Yay for purple - which took its while to grow on me as well. But, I find its warmer than blue, and cooler than red....just about where I find myself in life - hewing to the best of both worlds. Enjoy the new coat in all its purple splendor, Anita...and Happy New Year!

Jaana said...

I like my purple sweater, my deep purple coat, and even my purple binders! If the color was orange, I might have similar thoughts than you used to have. So, there might be a few things that I have to "embrace" in the new year as well. Happy New Year to you!

bonnie K. said...

I'm a purple lover and given time, you could be too Anita.
Happy Purple New Year to you and your family

fireflytrails said...

Something new is always invigorating and eye-opening. No telling what wonders will come your way!