Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cookies Bring Hope

On this table, 
Thousands of cookies,
Baked with love,
Filled with memories,
Awash in holiday splendor,
On this table,
Bittersweet memories,
Intermingled with
Sweet butter, sugar, chocolate,
Family favorites,
Newly discovered
And success-for-all-guaranteed
On these plates,
Delicate anise bites,
Gorgeous sugar cookies,
Rich, chocolate crinkles,
Will bring hope,
Help others cope,
Awash in memories of a
Wonderful, memorable,
Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Friend  

1 comment:

Julie Johnson said...

I love this tribute! Your poetry gives me a glimpse into the life of someone very special to you. As I've made Christmas cookies this year, I've been reminded of my grandmother and aunt. I've made cookies that were their favorites or their specialties. In fact, I thought I was done baking and then decided to make one more kind that was a favorite of ours when we were little girls.

I hope all of you gathered for those gorgeous cookies have a wonderful Christmas.