Monday, December 2, 2013

#nerdlution begins today

The idea of doing something for ME every day seems to be pretty selfish; yet, it seems that all my cyber-reading-writing friends are trying it!  The objective is to do something for YOU every day for 50 DAYS and then write or tweet about it using the hashtag #nerdlution.  The goal, I guess, is to stretch you personal habits and do those things you want to do but never find time to do.  Frankly, I spend too much time reading and answering emails and blog posts!  I spend too much of my precious free minutes in front of the computer!  So today, on this first day of a very busy time of year, on the eve of parent teacher conferences, final grad student projects and holiday shopping, I am committing publicly to reading a non-teacher book AND / OR exercising for at least 15 minutes every day!  I know that does not seem like a lot to those of you who are gym-fitness rats.  In fact, I used to exercise for 20-40 minutes every day.  To be honest, I have slacked off seriously and have been blogging, reading blogs, reading Twitter a whole lot more. In fact, even my reading life has suffered! But, like so many others I keep busy with work and family obligations.  So there it is .....  I'm off to the treadmill! I'll let you know how this is going!   

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