Saturday, December 14, 2013

#Celebrate December 14th Edition

It's a bit hard to celebrate this morning, as the memories of last year, the Sandy Hook tragedy, come flooding back. Children, teachers, administrators were lost in a blink of an eye.  Families, schools, communities were changed forever in a moment of madness. All of us who work with or care about children and teachers were changed in some way by the events of last year.  Yet, there are some changes in our children, schools and families that have occurred that are worthy of celebration.

1. Our schools are safer than ever before.  More, better, different, thought out security systems are in place in schools everywhere.  We do not assume that things will be OK because we are in elementary schools anymore.  It's not perfect, nor will it ever be perfectly safe, but it is better.    
2. Our children are kinder than ever before.  We're ever more watchful of bullying, name calling, and the tribulations of childhood.  We do not accept or allow any form of harassment.  It's not perfect, nor will it ever be, but it is better.  
3. Our prayers are louder than ever before.  We pray that parents, teachers will work closely with those in the mental health field to help and support depression, obsessions, and metal health issues.  We pray that someday, soon, we can provide, offer, and accept mental health interventions whenever they are needed. It's not perfect yet, nor will it ever be, but it's a little better.  

Today, on this day of remembrance, celebrate by holding those you treasure a little closer.  Celebrate with words and acts of kindness.  Celebrate by doing something to make this world a little better for someone.


Leigh Anne Eck said...

Yes, Anita we were on the same wavelength. I am glad you gave yours more thought - mine was a change at the last minute! Thank for sharing those changes that are worth celebrating. You are absolutely correct!

Holly Mueller said...

Thank you for focusing on this remembrance. What a sad day it was a year ago.

Terje said...

Your choice of celebrating change for better as a remembrance is caring and meaningful.

Linda B said...

Won't ever forget that day! I am sad that lockdowns are part of our lives! Thanks for the remembrance!

Mary Hill said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts of remembrance. I agree December 14 changed the lives of educators everywhere. It changed our schools. I appreciate the off duty law enforcement officers in our town who do regular walk throughs at my daughter's school everyday. They do it out of concern and love for our kids.

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

I love the post - it celebrates the best in all of us. Which give us hope.

Ramona said...

Thanks for sharing your optimism with us on this sad day. I love your repeated phrase: "It's not perfect yet, nor will it ever be, but it's a little better."
Thanks for reminding us to do something to make our worlds a little better for someone.

Carol said...

Here in Denver we are dealing with yet another school shooting…so, so, so sad.