Saturday, May 10, 2014

#celebratelu 2014 Readers, writers, mothers and prayers

I am actually NOT celebrating that the computer ate my first celebration post today as I tried to make a tiny typo change!  Yet, this Ruth Ayers idea has me hooked so I will try to briefly recap!

READERS, indeed I thought several times this week!  It's clear as I do reading records for May and reflect on the path we have traveled.  I called them readers way back when they were struggling with  I can see a hat.  I can see a box.  I can see a hat.   I called them readers when I implored them to stop wiggling long enough to look at the words and get their mouths ready to read (to look at the first letter in the word). At times, they may have doubted their paths and many still have strategies, confidence or fluency to master; yet they have become what I knew they would be: readers!

WRITERS who beg for more opportunities to share what is in their heart and mind.  As we finished those books about John Deer tractors and princesses this week, they begged for another day of writing.  I smiled and sent them home with marble notebooks slathered in stickers.  I called them writers when I implored them to stop wiggling long enough to make the letter t from the cloud line down to the grass line.  They may still have conventions of written English to master; yet they have become what I knew they would be: writers!

"Happy Mothers' Day," one of the young'un teachers said sincerely as she went by on Friday afternoon.  Yes, I guess I have become a bit of a mother figure at school (and to a zillion grad students).  It's a reminder that caring, listening, advising, hugging and consoling others is what I can offer to those around me.  I guess at times we all serve as mothers offering what we can to our students, fellow teachers and friends.  I do not have all the answers, but I care.

"This is a hard day to celebrate," she said sadly.  There was not much more I could offer her than a hug and an assurance of my thoughts and prayers. I will be praying: for those who wish they were moms; those who want to be moms; those who are moms; those who are missing their moms; those who are praying for their moms; those who are praying for their kids; those who are worried about their kids; those who are mourning, sad, lonely, overwhelmed, or covered in too much love, slobbery kisses, and melted chocolate.  I hope you find ways to celebrate the day, even if your life, like each of ours, is not perfect!


Michelle Haseltine said...

Anita, I read your first post on Feedly, but was puzzled when it nothing was on your blog. I love how you celebrate being a mother-figure to fellow teachers. That made me smile!!! Wishing you lots more celebration Saturdays and Sundays and Mondays...

Michelle Haseltine said...
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LInda Baie said...

This is a most thoughtful post and sorry you lost the other one, but I loved what you said here, especially those last words. Yes, life isn't perfect, but finding ways to appreciate even sad feelings because of why they are sad is a good thing. Thanks Anita, and Happy Mothers' Day to you and yours!

Terje said...

I like how your celebration is about others - young writers and readers, and women in different roles. Your prayers are beautiful.