Saturday, May 31, 2014

#celebratelu The Power Of Words

It's Saturday and time to celebrate life thanks to Ruth and her people who remind and encourage me each week to stop for just and moment and reflect on the small wonderful moments in life. This week I am celebrating the power of words.

Change Maya Angelou quote via Loving Them Quotes on FacebookThis week, we all celebrate, the great wisdom (and words) of Maya Angelou.  Her quips and quotes are far more than fodder for Hallmark cards: they are the wisdom of ages and a beacon of hope during the good, bad, happiest, and saddest moments life has to offer.  The legacy of words she left here on earth is a gift that will keep on giving. Centuries from now, her words will still support, guide and encourage the human soul.

Maya-6This week, I took my Aunt, her special shoes, her caregiver, her wheelchair, and her walker to a podiatrist to see if we could get a nagging toe infection under control. The doctor needed an x-ray, but there was no way my Aunt could get on or stand on the platform without support; thus, there were three of us on the x-ray platform.  The technician politely asked me and the caregiver if there were any chance we were pregnant, and we assured her we were not. As we settled my Aunt back into her wheelchair, she quipped, as if she were insulted, "The nerve of that girl!  She never asked me if there were any chance I was pregnant!  I guess she read the papers and assumed there wasn't much chance at 91. Hmm. It's a good think she doesn't work at 7-11 because I hear you get fired there if you don't 'card' people when they buy beer!"
Inspirational Wallpaper Quote <b>Maya Angelou Words</b>

Finally, last night, a little girl in my life told her mom, "I wish I could read all weekend.  Food would come out of the book and be fed to me when I am hungry so I wouldn't have to stop reading."  I smiled when I read that quote because I know just how it feels.  There is no joy quite like the power of words that guide, inspire, and make us smile even when we know we really should be doing the laundry, starting the coffee, or heading out for a three mile morning power walk! Oops!  


Michelle Haseltine said...

Thank you for sharing the words of Maya Angelou!! Your aunt sounds like she has so much spunk...I LOVE that!!! Hahaha! Words guide my life too!! Thank you so much for focusing on made me smile!

Michele Knott said...

I am reading these wonderful celebrations instead of heading out for my run! So your words certainly made me smile! Have a great weekend!

LInda Baie said...

Hurrah for older women with spunk! And for your students who love reading-nothing better, Anita!

Anonymous said...

It was so sad when I heard of Maya Angelou's passing. She was a great inspiration.

Amy Rudd said...

I love the words you've shared with me today. Thank you for your post. Words do inspire us in so many ways and the comment your aunt made had me smiling!

Leigh Anne Eck said...

I love the story about your aunt! She may not be able to get around very well, but she sure has a sense of humor! I love , "The legacy of words she left here on earth is a gift that will keep on giving." So true!

Terje said...

I liked reading your slice on Sunday morning. Words have magic and power. They should be used with care. Do we always remember it? No. So all reminders are welcome.