Saturday, September 27, 2014

#celebratelu Date Night at the Depot

Thanks to Ruth Ayers, I am reflecting on the small celebrations of my week:

* Students, even the ones who struggle mightily, have not only recovered their "summer slide" but also soared ahead assuring me, once again, that good foundations for reading and writing hold up through the summer!

* My mother, who had taken to her bed just a week ago and assured us all that she was "done," decided it was time to get her hair done the other day assuring me, once again, that a good hairdresser will carry you through many of life's adversities!

* I spent the morning with a dear friend sharing memories, stories, lives, and books.  Our lives were bonded by our shared love for reading, writing, our families and books.  Things haven't changed one bit even if I only get to see her a few times a year assuring me that real friends share a bond that surpasses distance and time.

* Then there was "date night" at the Depot in order to pick up a water heater!  This week, my husband will go beyond the "requirements" of his "job" but will certainly make this world a better place when he installs it for someone who really needs it!  

* As we pulled into the "Depot" parking lot, a fireworks display, in the distance, was there to mark the occasion.  I know that they did not do this for "him" but it somehow assured me that good deeds, no matter how small, do not go unnoticed.


LInda Baie said...

I love your little (maybe not really little) celebrations, Anita. Some made me laugh (your mom), made me nod my head (about your friend) and made me smile hugely (about your husband). Lovely to hear them all!

Ramona said...

How fun that the stars aligned to celebrate date night at the Depot and your husband's helping heart! Your comment about your dear friend reminds me of my forever friend in OK that I will see in Nov. Glad to hear your students are soaring away into this new year!

Anonymous said...

Your mom sounds like a character. I'm glad she has a great perspective about life.

Crystal Brunelle said...

I love the fireworks for your sweetie. ;)

Loralee said...

Enjoyed reading your celebrations!

Terje said...

Happiness consist of the smaller and bigger moments we celebrate. I like "real friends share a bond that surpasses distance and time."

Deb Day said...

When I first started noticing and sharing little moments of JOY, these were exactly the things I tried to capture. These are such wonderful little moments that could get lost in life if we don't capture them.

Mary Hill said...

Such neat timing with the fireworks show. I had a wonderful date with my husband too this weekend. :)

Mary-andering Creatively