Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Semester Eve

I had just finished removing the 1.5 inches of slush, less than any plow could enjoy, less than anyone expected, from the end of my tiny driveway when the sky lit up like a  Christmas tree.  I located my phone in an attempt to commit the image to memory.  It was not a lovely spring-summer-fall evening.  It was certainly a cold-blustery-wintery evening.  Yet it was magnificent.  It was memorable. It was a slice of red-sky-at-night just before the sunset.......a slice of now clear-dry road between snow covered lawns...a hint of the excitement  professors feel on the eve of the new semester! 

That's right, professors feel it on the eve of a new semester.  Grad students feel it, too. It's New Semester Eve, so to speak and the sky, perhaps even the heavens, lit up to welcome this new beginning!    

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