Tuesday, January 23, 2018

#sol 18 What makes a book great?

Long long ago, when my own children were preschoolers, we read the same books night after night after night! My son ADORED Sandra Boyton's The Going to Bed Book.  I did not need to look at the text  in order to read the nightly pick.....! In fact, when HIS son began to adore the book many years later,, I still did not need to look at the printed words...
The sun has set not long ago. 
Now everybody goes below
to take a bath in one big tub
with soap all over—

Then, I remembered a quote from Dennis Abrams Scholastic that I keep in my writer's note book as a reminder of my need to publish someday,,,,
A great book is…
  1. One that contains a simple and original idea presented with clarity and great power.
  2. One that connects with the reader, asserting its world directly into the reader’s mind.
  3. One that makes the world seem larger and more interesting.
  4. One written with humor and a light touch.
  5. One that is a realization of a complete but very different world.

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