Wednesday, May 23, 2018

#sol18 Bumper Cars

The other morning, a 35 minute commute took 3 times longer! It wasn't raining and there wasn't crazy in-your-face sun glare!  It wasn't a holiday or the day after a big game, either. It was just an ordinary Monday morning that turned into a messy and expensive morning, for lots of people.

I heard about the first one as I was entering the highway but it didn't sound too bad, just a couple of cars pulled over to the side of the road, Tom, in the chopper, said.  But, "the traffic was starting to build" he assured me!  I sighed audibly knowing the traffic would likely be worse in 20 minutes when I got there!

Long before I got THERE, there was a stopped-in-traffic situation with 3 cars banging their fenders in the middle of the highway.  Then, just a mile or two down the line, there were some more cars with banged-up bumpers as they tried to make up for lost time and make time before the next slow down.  Then, down the road, just another mile or two....Well, with all that time sitting in traffic, your mind starts to wander...

I was thinking about bumper cars!  Remember them? You drive around hitting other cars on purpose.  Such as silly ride at the amusement park but in real life, bumping cars is a really awful way to start the day!

For me, it was just an accident fueled delay to the day; yet, I arrived at school grateful, that at least for today, it wasn't least for today......

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Ramona said...

Bumper cars, I was always terrified of this ride. And real bumper cars on freeways? I'm glad you made it to school with no bumps. But those early morning delays do take their toll, don't they?