Saturday, September 15, 2018

Celebrating Life

The sun came out on this sad day,
After endless gray skies.
At first, I thought it ironic
Then, I decided it was a sign
Of this new chapter,
Without pain and suffering.

As I dug for my sunglasses,
I thought that he might have requested
The sunshine, a light, so to speak,
A reminder of his journey
Towards a new chapter.

As I listened to a his family,
Remember their dad,
I thought of the power of love
To transcend unfathomable hardship,
And the power of angels
To shape the future.  

As I watched his family
I remembered this journey
Can have mile-high speed bumps,
With countless trials
Unfathomable challenges.
Heartache and heartbreak.
Sometimes, the journey is derailed
Yet, we are called
To persevere.

As I left the church
I caught sight of a babbling brook
Under an overpass,
And I remembered the Biblical verse
Peace is like a river
Ebbing, flowing, persevering, 
And I offered a prayer
For a peaceful journey
As the sun set
After a celebration of life
This sad day

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