Tuesday, April 21, 2020

#sol20 Socially Distant; Yet, Closer

Not that long ago, I heard
The rumble of cars and trucks,
Heading to jobs, shopping,
Endless tasks and activities,
The regular roar of jets,
Streaming overhead,
Moving tens of thousands
From place to place,
People, neighbors,
Coming and going,
Focused on their missions,
Silent waves
Offered from moving vehicles.

These days, I hear
The sorrowful refrain of sirens,
Punctuating quiet streets, lights a blaze,
First responders, working,
Sadly, responding to pleas for help,
The mournful tones of church bells,
Failing to beckon even a small crowd
Punctuating weekday mornings, afternoons,
Reminders of time and lives, lost.
Neighbors asking how you are,
Listening to your response,
Socially distant; yet, closer, concerned.

1 comment:

Ramona said...

What a hanunting poem to capture this time. Hopefully, one of the blessings that will emerge from this experience will be a closer, more concerned citizenry.