Monday, June 8, 2020

#sol20 Learning During Tough Times; Hoping for Better Times

Buongiorno, Buon Pomeriggio, Buon Giornata, or Buonoa Serata

I'm pretty sure I am not alone in my self-reflective moments during this time that may become known as pandemic-economic depression-civil rights awareness-induced-change-in-how-we-live-work-think-about-communicate-with-others. 

To be honest, I've been thinking about what is most important and what I do not want in my life. I've spent more time planting (and then watering) flowers and cooking (and then eating) simple but healthy meals without running to stores for one more thing. I've missed family, friends, students, and travel. I've tried to help others navigate online learning, manage financial stress, deal with the emotional challenges of uncertainty. I've learned to live (well) without a new top from TJMaxx or clutter from Home Goods.

To be honest, my closets and drawers are not (yet) organized, most windows are still covered in construction dust, and my gardens are far from weed-free; however, I'm starting to learn a new language!  

To be honest, I had gotten a "Guidebook to Italian" shortly after I booked a dream vacation shortly before the pandemic shut down travel. I never even opened the book because, that dream vacation looked unlikely before the book even arrived!

To be honest, I was feeling like I was not accomplishing much this pandemic until a friend mentioned Duolingo and her own journey towards becoming bi-lingual so when she could travel.....

To be honest, at first is was hard,very hard. But, I've been at it every day for at least 30 minutes for 12 days now and not only is it getting harder, it's getting easier at the same time. Plus, I am feeling challenged and learning and looking forward, all good things, during these tough times.

To be honest, I've always put learning (apprendimento) and reading (leggere) ahead of cleaning (puliaia) closets to the chagrin of my mom who would sigh as I sat with a book (un libro) when I was supposed to be cleaning.

So, please (per favore) if you are looking for me early in the morning (mattina) or late in the evening (sera) you might just find me with my phone (telephone) and learning thanks to (freeDuolingo

Someday, in the (hopefully) not so distant future, I hope the pandemic and economic depression have eased and the civil rights awareness has increased. Someday, I hope there will be good times when I will visit (visitare) and hug family (la famiglia) and friends and use (uso) what I am learning while exploring and traveling.


Margaret Simon said...

To be honest, I am so impressed with your Italian. Travel is always packed away in my dream box. I hope you will be able to make that trip, but I feel you are already somewhat there when practicing the language.
Buon apprendimento!

Stacey Shubitz said...

Good for you, Anita!
I’ve thought about improving my French with Duolingo. I took it for ten years, but it is super rusty. Maybe... someday...

Fran said...

What i likemost about your piece is your use of parentheses. I especially like the "planting (and then watering)" line. A metaphor for having the time to follow through on our intentions, as you are doing with learning Italian!