Tuesday, June 23, 2020

#sol20 Sprinklers

It was very hot,
The fancy-blow-up-pool-filler
"In transit,"
The mind-blowing-pineapple-pool still waiting,
So, I turned on the sprinkler
Used long ago for new grass.

It was no frills,
The water gently flowing,
The new-experience-excitement still building,
So, I too put on my suit,
Used long ago for swimming pools.

It dredged memories
The long, boring summers,
The endless, hot-humid, nothing-to-do-days,
Used sprinklers (and fire hydrants) 
For peek entertainment.

It was a reminder
That overlooked activities
(Sprinklers, drive in movies, puzzles, reading)
Right now
During this pandemic-slowed-summer-avoiding-crowds
Might be recycled 
For this summer, 
Perhaps, for the future.

1 comment:

Fran said...

Ah, sprinklers! I love this piece, where you "make-do" with the old fashioned, gently swaying sprinkler. You remember what we are missing, but your ending suggests we have old ways of having fun that we can return to. Nice sentiment, nice piece.