Tuesday, May 3, 2022

#sol22 May 3 Happy Birthday


No, it's not my birthday and even though my sister, brother, niece and nephew have all had birthdays in the last week, this post is not really about their birthdays.  Instead, it's about someone in my early morning aquacise class whose birthday was also this week.

She comes often on the days I come to jump around in weightlessness and push that heavy water away!  In those fleeting moments before class she shared that it was her birthday and she was proud to have made it to class. So as class began, we spontaneously burst into song as we warmed up.  She smiled, thanked everyone and got right back to exercising with all her might. 

As the class ended, she leaned over and offered, "I'm pretty sure I'm the oldest in this class! I'm 87 today!"

"Really," was all I could manage to utter. "You are an inspiration to exercise," I followed up.

Truth be told, I have not consistently exercised in my life; however, the message was loud and clear on her birthday for me and for all those relatives sharing this birthday week: exercise is powerful.


Ramona said...

Yes, I salute the stick-to-it power for someone who's still exercising at 87 years young.

arjeha said...

What an inspiration to couch potatoes like me.

Lainie Levin said...

Yes. Exercise IS powerful! And so is the camaraderie of being with a group of people you can sweat along with. It's also funny that you mention your inspirational workout buddy. First of all, I can only hope I can be doing the same thing when I'm that age.

I also have to say that I've been told by other, younger athletes that *I'm* an inspiration. Now, I'm not even 50, but hey. I'll take a compliment where I can get it!