Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Perfectly Imperfect

Ruth's words were probably still in my head as the first graders swirled around me last Friday.  The objective was writing "words and phrases that describe" and I had modeled (with their help) describing words and phrases about our principal and about my own mom in the form of a poem.  (Our writing workshops are wrapping up a poetry focus!)

Perhaps it was the looming holiday or perhaps it was my words still in their heads as they began to eagerly write personally meaningful texts about their own moms. No one would have suspected that these students were with me for reading and writing support!  The energy in the room was palpable!  The word "beautiful" may have been overused; however, there was also evidence of similes (my mom is like cake!) and negation (my mom is not crazy!). All of the poems were evidence of beginning writers attempting to put love into words.

On a whim (or perhaps because of Ruth's words buzzing in my ear) as they finished drafts, I saved them all by taking quick pictures with my "epad."  I saved them all (the great ones and the attempts) and we celebrated "instantly" by watching an "instantly published" Smart-board slide show of their ideas. The "finished products" reflected the diversity of the writers in the room as well as the diversity of mothers!  The day was a powerful reminder that we all have something to say and that we all appreciate recognition of our work (feedback)!


Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

So sweet...what a great way to celebrate!

Linda B said...

What a terrific idea! I bet they all just beamed when they saw their words on the screen. Love that "she's buttfl" and "not smely". Thanks!

Ruth Ayres said...

I love this instant celebration. The work feels so BIG when we put it up on a screen for everyone to see. I love even more that you share the poems with us. Please tell your writers how much I appreciated the tiny details they shirts and Ferris wheels and smells! I'm sure their words made their moms feel special.

Nanc said...

Precious memories...I would love to get a note like this from my child. I love that you celebrated right away. xo nanc

writekimwrite said...

What a great idea for an instant celebration!
Adore the one whose Mom is not fat, is smart, slow and not smelly...priceless.
These brought me joy as I am sure they did for ALL your students.

Dana said...

It is such a joy to see students' creations.

Jama said...

What a great idea! I love your words, "putting love into words". Thanks, Anita.

BK said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate their work with you!