Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CCSS:Reading and Speaking Resources

Who would have ever thought that the company to which I pay a SMALL fortune for phone service would some day be the source of my professional development focused on reading and writing! 
But here it is - thanks to Verizon@
An little of sample of what you will find there:   
The IRA Literacy Implementation Guidance to Support the ELA Standards is being used extensively to clarify misconceptions and provide further information about the literacy focus in the Standards. The IRA Guidance document addresses seven key areas:
  • Use of challenging texts
  • Beginning readers and foundational skills
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing
  • Disciplinary literacy
  • Teaching diverse learners.
The document ties research-based literacy practices with the expectations of the English Language Arts and Literacy Standards. For example, one common misconception about the ELA Standards is that the only reading instruction permitted is that of "close reading" of challenging texts. The IRA Guidance document clarifies information about the "close, attentive reading" referred to in the ELA Standards, describes the use of challenging texts in the classroom as only one part of instruction, and verifies that strategic comprehension instruction is still an important part of reading development for most students.

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